Gene W. Spear – What Am I?

施匹尔 – 我是什么?

We all want to know what we are and why we are here. What is the origin and purpose of our life? We all want to be free, but what is real freedom? Is it license or anarchy? We study hard to find the truth about this world, but is there no Designer or no real cause of this universe? Where can we get reliable knowledge about life, love, right and wrong, and even life after death? If there is no one in charge of the universe is there any meaning to it? Morals are always changing, some think, but is there no absolute moral standard? True love is a wonderful thing, but what is it? We would like to know true and changeless love. Have you ever seen Jesus Christ as the fountain of true love and hope? Jesus made many startling claims about Himself. Have you checked to see if they are true?