Martyn Lloyd-Jones – The Plight of Man and the Power of God

鍾馬田 – 人的景況與神的大能

This is a collection of five lectures delivered around 1943 attempting to explain life during the Second World War. It is excellently done. Man is powerless to overcome his plight, it is the Power of God that is needed to deliver. Well written and as valuable today as 50 years ago. Interestingly enough, M. Lloyd-Jones observed at that time that the Wrath of God had not been preached for the preceeding 50 years resulting in the complacency of man at his time. How much more so now, after another 50 years of false prophets healing the hurts of the people superficially saying peace, peace when there is no peace. The Wrath of God is vital imformation, it is one of the five topics covered in depth to present the Power of God as the cure for the plight of man. Should be reprinted.